Make batter choices.


LikelyAI empowers businesses to choose better promotional photos for advertisement on social media. LikelyAI enables individuals to gain greater influence on their Instagram feeds, achieving higher attention of their fans by more than tens of percent. Achieving the ambitious goals through the neural network deep learning solution, predicting the popularity and engagement of images in posts or advertisements.


Young and goal-oriented. Full of enthusiasm for machine learning and AI. We are former Facebook and Google employees. With our last start-up, we successfully made an exit. Progress is our philosophy. Now we are LikelyAI, team striving to fulfill our mission!


Did you find yourself in a description of our team? If you are ready to move on and start hard working, don’t waste time and join us on our mission. Even though we aren’t Ukrainians, it started in Ukraine. Since January 2017 we have shipped our basement to Birmingham, AL, USA. We pay attention on honesty and loyalty. Mainly, we are looking for talented programmers with passion for machine learning, neural networks and statistics. Join us today!